What do our clients have to say:

​​​Why choose Healing Hands Registered ​Massage Therapy?

Targeted Therapy:

You are unique and your therapy should be the same.  We assess your specific situation and determine if you are a candidate for massage therapy. 


We are located in the heart of North York - minutes from the subway line - with ample parking and easy access.  In addition, we are available early mornings and late evenings to accommodate your busy schedule.

Registered Massage Therapy:

You will receive therapy by a qualified and highly trained professional. In addition, you will receive a receipt from an RMT that you can submit to your insurance provider.

Customize your Massage Therapy Session:

Choose from a variety of massage therapy techniques to accommodate your specific needs.  The therapist will work with you to understand your specific concerns and develop a treatment plan that will optimize your results.

Healing Hands Registered Massage Therapy

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